They may not throw off a lot of heat, but they sure add those warm feelings we all need during the holiday seasons& hibernation months of winter...  Yes, I'm referring to CANDLES!  We burn them for many reasons.. Relaxation, romance, ambiance, prayer, remembrance, light, etc.. Unfortunately, many of them may be doing more HARM than good for you, your children, your pets, or anyone who may be present in the room of the burning candle.  Most of the candles we we love are made with PARAFFIN WAX, which is a white or colorless soft solid made from petrochemicals (petroleum, coal, or oil shale).   It produces soot when burned, causing many respiratory issues & skin disorders, such as asthma (a respiratory disorder quickly on the rise in today's toxic world) & eczema. Paraffin wax candles, usually have wicks that contain LEAD, and when breathing in this toxic residue from the air, it can easily be considered a low dose of lead exposure!  Among traces of lead, there is a long list of other dangerous & harmful toxins in these candles that we are constantly exposed to. Not only are the paraffin wax and the wicks a health hazard, but the lovely scented FRAGRANCES that these candles provide are pretty toxic for us to breathe as well.  Cinnamon, juniper, pine & cloves are all favored scents around the holidays.  There are a variety of fragrances that are alluring to our senses for other occasions.  Some scents can relax us after a stressful day at work or add ambiance to that romantic dinner with a loved one.  Unless specified, most of these scented candles are made with harmfully synthetic chemical fragrances, which are doing damage to our bodies & environment. Candles and their toxins are almost everywhere we go... in our homes, our offices, at church, in stores we shop at, and in the restaurants & bars we spend time in.  TOXINS, such as Toluene, Acetone, and Benzene, to name a few, are proven to be cancer-causing and effect our central nervous systems.  Many of the toxins found in candles also make up the highly potent ingredients in paints, lacquers, paint removers, and even nail polishes. Eek!  According to Anya McCoy, the head of the Natural Perfumers Guild,  “Synthetics are less expensive to manufacture, and a lot of people are just used to that kind of fragrance.  They don’t know what real essential oils smell like.” There are of course SOLUTIONS for healthier living!  You can use clean, natural, & non-toxic candles in your daily life to prevent these hidden health concerns.  BEESWAX & SOY candles are the best alternatives to regular paraffin wax candles.  They are a bit more expensive, but worth it!  Beeswax is completely natural and burns clean. Beeswax candles last up to three times longer than paraffin wax candles, and twice as long as soy candles of the same size. Tule™ organic beeswax candles are made with light scents of essential oils, organic beeswax, and organic coconut oil.  They burn with a lead-free, soy wax, & pure cotton wick.  These healthy candle alternatives come in 4 oz travel tins (so you can stay healthy & relaxed on the go) or 8 oz frosted glass jars (for a simple, classy look in your home)! Check them out HERE!