A Healthy Mom Makes a Healthy Baby! I am 37 weeks pregnant as I write this, and want to share some natural tips on what worked for me during my last 8.5 months.  Yes, you can have an uber-natural pregnancy without looking like a frump! Of course, Tule™ was a significant addition to my everyday life, but with a biased viewpoint aside, as the owner of Tule (Organic Body, Baby, & Home Care), I also incorporated many other practices & potions into my daily life.

Remember, if you keep yourself healthy- mind, body, and soul- your baby will be happy & healthy too (inside and outside the womb)! First, I’d like to list a few wonderful makeup & skin care companies that I believe helped me look & feel great all throughout pregnancy.



(I may be biased, but I'm truthful too!)  My Momma & Baby Care Line is specifically dedicated to the health & well-being of mothers-to-be, new mommas, and their precious babies.  Ingredients are organic, mild, corn-free, talc-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, & dairy-free! There is also a vegan and vegetarian option for most of the products that apply.  Check out the organic, eco-friendly laundry detergent too!  It leaves linens oh so soft and helps deodorize cloth diapers naturally, when and if you chose to go that route down the road.  With ingredients derived from the earth, and never any preservatives or synthetic additions in any of the Tule products, you, too, will certainly be one healthy momma!.  I have used the Momma Butter throughout my pregnancy to prevent stretch marks and I couldn’t be happier with the results!!  Many other mommas out there have said the same about my Momma Butter.  Also, for example, another product to consider during this time, is the deodorant.  As a pregnant women's breasts prepare for nursing, there are never any chemicals or aluminum leaching anywhere near them with this product!  Also, be sure to try the Tule glass & surface cleaners for the ultimate non-toxic & eco-friendly additions to your household care.  Harsh cleaning agents are something you really want to avoid while pregnant, and many momma's forget that before the baby is born!


100% Pure

This is an awesome company!  They have cosmetics made from fruit & minerals!  I use their mascaras, eyeliners, and facial powder daily.  It’s comforting knowing I’m not adding anything harmful to my skin, unlike most of the other over-the-counter brands on the market.  You can buy from their website, or search for their products on Amazon Prime!


Henna Color Lab

Natural hair care is also important during pregnancy, and since my locks are growing strong from all the prenatal vitamins, using their natural henna & clay "hair dye" formula to keep my grays away is the best trick for this!  I love their product because it really does cover grays and keep a beautiful shine and luster to my hair for at least 2 months at a time.  Salon & DIY at home dyes are so toxic, so I’m really happy I found this company!  You can purchase their products through Etsy or their website.


Shea Moisture

This is a pretty good company, since their products are conveniently obtainable at stores like Target, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, & Amazon.  I like their “Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo”, “Yucca & Plantain Anti-breakage Strengthening Conditioner”, “Raw Shea Butter Body Lotion”, and “Superfruit complex Body Lotion”.  These seem to be the safest products that they offer.

Feeling Fluffy

Instead of highly toxic dryer sheets or fabric softeners, try Feeling Fluffy’s organic wool dryer balls!  There are many benefits to using dryer balls.. They make drying time shorter, fluff your clothes as they dry, soften your fabrics, and save you money because you can re-use them over & over so many times!  You can purchase them on Amazon! 


*Choose recycled, non-bleached, and non-scented toilet paper and paper towels.

*Drink out of glass or non-plastic-lined, food grade stainless steel water containers.

*Try to avoid bottled water as much as possible.

*Instead of nail polish, try a 4 step nail buffing block.  Don’t feel like you have to avoid mani’s and pedi’s for 9 months.  Just simply avoid the nail polish!  You can conveniently pick up a nail buffing block at a drug store, such as CVS or Walgreens.  Of course, Target & Walmart also has them.  If you "must" paint your nails (for special occasions), try the brands: Scotch and Benecos.  Many color options are available through Amazon. (See my Nail Polish Blog for more info!)

*Since tired feet are an ongoing problem during pregnancy, soaking them in warm water and a scoop of Epsom salts will help relax & rejuvenate them.  You can purchase a bag at a local drug store, or many times grocery stores carry it.  Also, try my Tule Bath Soaking Mix.

*Always choose organic produce and natural food options when you can.  Pesticides & preservatives are commonly added & used in the food industry, but can be avoided if you read labels carefully.

*Treat your body to prenatal yoga at least twice a week if you can.  Specific prenatal stretches will not only prep your body for labor and get your hips opened up enough, but it will relax your mind, and alleviate body tension as your bones and muscles shift as your baby grows inside you.